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Mobile Homes Sales and Lettings Dubai

Established to provide opportunities for low investment and high-return earnings to interested parties and individuals.

The opportunities offered are spanned over a much shorter period of time. The company enjoys great association with some of the most renowned names in the business and possesses individuals with vast industry knowledge and experience. Mobile Homes Sales and Lettings Dubai actively looks into improving the investment model and to provide better opportunities for its investors.

Mobile Homes Sales and Lettings based out of the London, has over 85 years of combined experience through its personnel, working with councils, authorities, development companies, tenants, maintenance, sales and supply across the UK.

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The mobile home investment plan was originally conceived as an investment opportunity for interested clients looking for high returns over a shorter period of time.

This is achieved through investment in residential mobile home ownership, purchased at cost through the company’s’ access to the supply chain of MHSL, Continental Holiday Homes Ltd and Cheval Mobile Homes Ltd. From these factories MHSL provides units on sites to rental tenants throughout the UK. MHSL Dubai offers an innovative investment with a commitment to providing clients with appropriate investment solutions with consistent returns by working seamlessly with our teams of industry and management specialists and utilising their proven track record.

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