Mobile Home


The Operational Mechanism

  • MHSL enters into a contract with a local authority to provide a mobile home on sites owned and managed by the authority.
  • The company (MHSL) subsequently arranges for the mobile homes to be produced, purchased and to ensure they are transported and set up at the sites allocated by the local authority.
  • The local authority allocates and prepares the sites plot.
  • Once the tenants have moved into a unit on site, the local authority pays a monthly rent to the company (MHSL).

MHSL Dubai in the capacity of investment agents:

  • Manage and agree the contracts with the local authority.
  • Complete the purchase of the mobile homes.
  • Manage the receipt of rent from the local authority.
  • Make the monthly payments to the investors.
  • Manage the administration of the tenant issues with local authority.
  • Manage the repairs and maintenance of the mobile homes.
  • Manage the bespoke insurance cover for the mobile homes (if chosen).
  • Investment schedule: units invested in

  • Tenant demand (confirmation of assistance by council)

  • Unit build and delivery

  • Tenant rental (collection by MHSL)

  • Investor returns

  • Maintenance (by MHSL)

  • Reinvestment or sale of unit

Business nature and scope

At Mobile Homes Sale and Lettings Dubai, we believe in the transparency of our supply chain as a best practice in good governance principles as we recognise that our investors are interested in the structure and workings of MHSL.

The business supply chain is the only static/mobile home company providing an investment opportunity to individuals and organisations interested in investments within the housing industry. It is uniquely positioned with access through its own supply chain to expand upon its 39% market share of local authorities who have static mobile home sites in England (as of September 2016). Most of the executives of MHSL Dubai are partners in the business and therefore as business owners have a high degree of empathy with the management teams. This closely aligns the economic interests of the executives with the investors.

At present the plan provides a six-year investment opportunity starting with a potential investment of £28,000.00 purchase of a unit (subject to tier of investment), with the option to reinvest £6,000.00 per unit for renovation costs at the end of this initial investment period and lengthen the original investment return a further six years. We are committed to providing clients with appropriate investment solutions, with the aim of delivering consistent, long-term investment results.

  • A typical home costs £28,000.00 and has a Residual Value of £8,000.00 after the 1st six-year period
  • The investors will receive a rent of £500.00 per month for a continuous period of six-years.
  • The investors will have an opportunity to extend the agreement for a further six-years after completion of the initial six-year period.
    To continue the contract, the investor will contribute a further £6,000 towards the cost of refurbishment and renewing contract fees.

The Business Process

This investment opportunity provides a static residential mobile home (unit) for a cost of £28,000.00 (subject to tier of investment) to an investor and matches this unit to a government assisted tenant on site.

Once on site, MHSL Dubai manage the rent of the tenant and returns a fixed monthly income, per unit per month for each units’ six-year contract. At the basic tier for investment this approaches a £44,000.00 return on an investment of £28,000.00. A static residential mobile home unit is considered a depreciating asset which allows a tax allowance of 10% per annum alongside any personal tax allowances. After six-years: a unit is considered to have a residual value of £8,000.00, for which we are prepared to purchase at this price after six years, or offer investors the opportunity to reinvest for renovation of the unit to extend the unit’s lifespan a further six years for continued return on investment. Should any investor look to reinvest in an existing unit and in situ tenant: they would invest an initial £28,000.00 per unit and then reinvest £6,000.00 per unit for renovation after six-years for a return of £72,000.00 over a twelve-year unit lifespan.

  • Sourcing the Tenants: The investment agency (MHSL Dubai)make a provisional application to the local council on behalf of each prospective tenant requesting the allotment of a required residential static mobile home.
  • A pre-determination letter is subsequently issued by the local council, confirming the tenancy contract as well as the rental income in principal for the respective tenants.
    The investment agency (MHSL Dubai) thereafter begins the investment proces or utilises the existing schedule of investors needs for the purchase of the mobile homes in return for a guaranteed six-year fixed rental agreement.
  • The manufacturing process occurs once the order to produce the mobile home is placed with the production company (Continental Holiday Homes Ltd). The entire production takes approximately 3-4 weeks per unit with 12 units produced at source per week or outsourced production for large orders at no additional costs.
  • The mobile home is subsequently released and transported to the allocated site as agreed by the council.
  • Once on site, a final contract is formed between the council and the management agency (MHSL) and the respective tenants are housed in the allotted mobile home. The council remits the agreed rental payment to MHSL Dubai. MHSL deducts the maintenance and management fees from the rent.
    As agreed with the investors, MHSL Dubai remits a net monthly amount of £500.00 to each investor. The process continues for the next six-years and may continue for another six-years or be terminated at this point.
    Options available to the investors after six-years: Extend the agreement for additional six-years by contributing towards the cost of refurbishment and renewal contract fee of £6,000.00
    Sell off the mobile home to the Management Agency (MHSL Dubai) for the price of £8,000.00

Process Flow

  • Tenant application and approval

  • Pre-determination communication from the Local Government Authority and contract with tenant

  • Investors contract for unit (investment tiered options available)

  • Mobile home manufactured

  • Transportation of mobile home to site and installation

  • Tenant rent received (via Local Government Authority) monthly and investment remit payments to investor

  • Options available to investor at 6 years

    Sale of mobile home for fixed price
    Refurbishment of mobile home for investor for fixed price
    Renegotiation of further investment contract

The Mobile Home Production

This investment plan utilises its own supply chain for build of units through its partner factories in Yorkshire run by Continental Holiday Homes and Cheval Mobile Homes; whose build production is twelve units per week.

Partnerships outside of the Mobile Homes Sales and Management existing supply chain allow for build supply to be matched to demand.

The MHSL factory resources (through Continental Holiday Homes Ltd and Cheval Mobile Homes Ltd) include the ability to transport, deliver and site units within the UK. The MHSL service allows onsite management of units with dedicated maintenance teams to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction for both investors and tenants.

The factory of Continental Holiday Homes Ltd has over 12 years of experience through its senior personnel in the professional manufacturing and build of quality static mobile homes at their factory in Hull, Yorkshire.

The Cheval Mobile Homes Ltd factory has over 15 years of experience through its senior personnel in the professional manufacturing and build of high quality static mobile homes throughout the UK.

Mobile Homes Sales and Lettings has over 85 years of combined experience through its personnel: working with councils, authorities, development organisations, planning groups, tenants, industry associated charities and in the supply, maintenance and management of mobile homes.

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